Win The “Talent War”

Whether you are building a world-class business organization or an elite Special Operations team, the search for talent is the number one concern of all leaders. We are all engaged in a “talent war” – a pursuit to attract, develop, and retain the right leaders at every level of your organization. At the end of the day, it’s not necessarily the organization with best product or best service that succeeds, rather it is the organization with the best people that wins the war.

EF Overwatch shares one goal with our clients: to drive their organizations to victory through exceptional leadership . We deliver proven leaders, at all levels, as required to build winning teams. Because your ability to deliver strategic outcomes depends on the people executing it.

Executive Search

C-suite, Board, and Senior Executives

Few organizations can afford or recover from a misstep at the senior leadership level. Our executive search experts will help you build an effective, ethical, senior leadership team capable of inspiring a workforce to achieve strategic goals. Our executive searches identify highly qualified leaders for Senior Executive, Board, and C-suite positions. Each search is highly customized to the specific objectives and dynamic needs of our clients.

Professional Search

Middle to Upper-level Management

Leadership at all levels, from the front-lines to the top is required to secure victory. Winning Organizations with a talent mindset understand this principle to be the critical factor to their long-lasting success. Our customized professional searches help our clients begin the path to creating high-performing teams from the middle to upper management levels in the pursuit of enterprise-wide excellence.

Talent Advisory

Talent Acquisition and Talent Management Design

People are the most strategic competitive advantage in any business, yet few companies build the requisite competencies or systems to capitalize on the thing that matters most- their human capital. The lack of a talent strategy is a recipe for failure. A great talent strategy supports and accelerates your overall business strategy. EF Overwatch helps our clients design and build a talent acquisition strategy to attract the right leaders and a best-in-class talent management program to both retain and help their people reach their full potential.


“We chose to partner with EF Overwatch because we were looking for a leader. We were looking for someone that had the skill and experience of leading high performing teams and someone that understands and lives the principles of Extreme Ownership. This is exactly what EF Overwatch can deliver and exactly what they gave us when they introduced us to their military leaders.”
Steele Whowell. Co-owners of Gordy’s Marine

“Companies ultimately want to hire people with strong character and unlimited potential and when they are connected to military leaders through EF Overwatch, that part is already assumed.”
Gene Urcan. Founder and Managing Partner of Urcan & Co.

“The candidates and level of candidates that were brought to us were some of the best I’ve seen in 20 years in this business. The process of working with the EF Overwatch team was excellent. The team was professional, punctual, there was no sales pitch. It was ‘this is what we are going to do, this is when we are going to deliver it’ and they did not disappoint.”
Chad Clark. Owner of Earth Retention Systems (ERS)

“I have used other talent agencies in the past and what I found out is they did not spend the time diving into the needs of my business, the EF Overwatch team opened my eyes to ownership, extreme ownership in all levels of business. The Chief Operating Officer (COO) prospects they gave me were spot on to the needs of our company. EF Overwatch did such an outstanding job on the back end with vetting the candidates before they pushed them out to me that it was a difficult choice for me because of the quality of the candidates. This team has a true passion to truly help your business grow to the next level which is the reason I came back to them to hire a President for my holding company.”
Keith Johnson. Founder and Owner of Innovative Basement Authority

“West Shore Home is dedicated to an audacious mission. To accomplish that mission, we’re going to need a team of leaders dedicated to Extreme Ownership and driven by a Default:Aggressive stance towards challenges. EF Overwatch has demonstrated time and again that they understand our business and our culture, and that they have the means to source the right leaders to fuel our organizational growth. I have complete confidence in their ability to help us achieve something truly unprecedented and amazing.”
Josh Wood. Chief Development Officer of West Shore Home

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